Quality Candidates. Technical Expertise. Ongoing Relationship.

GCR is a nationwide, full-service, one-stop technical staffing agency committed to integrity at every point of contact.

At GCR, you’ll discover a reliable source of both short-term and long-term quality staffing solutions, covering the full life cycle, across all industries including information technology, design engineering, research and development, and manufacturing. Our experienced, stable and technically knowledgeable recruiters quickly and successfully match the right person to the right job, because we establish and maintain relationships with every client and every candidate.

A GCR match goes far beyond the technical skill set you request. A GCR match is a person who also brings the personal qualities, character, and intangible assets to precisely fit your company culture.


"With GCR it’s the whole package. The resumes they send have a higher skill set. They have people for every level or position. The candidates are responsible, reliable, and good team players. And you have a single point of contact. GCR is excellent."

Marjorie Nelson
Director of Manufacturing Systems
LightLab Imaging